bazel-toolchains Releases

This page is used to keep a record of all release commits made to bazel-toolchains repository, as well as to publish the SHA256 value for the GitHub repo’s archive file to authenticate the configs.

To use the latest release:

1. Add this http_archive target to your WORKSPACE file:

    name = "bazel_toolchains",
    sha256 = "36e5cb9f15543faa195daa9ee9c8a7f0306f6b4f3e407ffcdb9410884d9ac4de",
    strip_prefix = "bazel-toolchains-0.25.0",
    urls = [

load("@bazel_toolchains//rules:rbe_repo.bzl", "rbe_autoconfig")

# Creates a default toolchain config for RBE.
# Use this as is if you are using the rbe_ubuntu16_04 container,
# otherwise refer to RBE docs.
rbe_autoconfig(name = "rbe_default")

2. Ensure your .bazelrc file contains the contents of the following bazelrc file.


Version 0.25.0 (2019-05-14)

Toolchain configs for, Bazel 0.25.2 (2019/05/14) (#503)

URLs (to be added to your WORKSPACE file):

SHA256: 36e5cb9f15543faa195daa9ee9c8a7f0306f6b4f3e407ffcdb9410884d9ac4de