Release 0.9.0rc6 (2017-12-13)

Baseline: ddd5ac16aeffa6c4693c348f73e7365240b1abc5

Cherry picks: - 2cf560f83922e6df9626ba3ee063c1caf6797548: Update version of re2 - a2d2615362c65be98629b39ce39754a325ed1c42: Check for null build file returned from getBuildFileForPackage. - 68c577afc2fb33b5e66b820bcc9043fed1071456: Fix some broken targets and failing tests. - 766ba8adc4487f17ebfc081aeba6f34b18b53d6c: Automated rollback of commit 337f19cc54e77c45daa1d5f61bf0a8d3daf8268f. - a22d0e9c14e58b29d81f5a83bdcc6e5fce52eafe: Fix: uploading artifacts of failed actions to remote cache stopped working. - 03964c8ccb20d673add76c7f37245e837c3899b6: [java_common.compile] Name output source jar relative to the output jar name

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_Notice_: Bazel installers contain binaries licensed under the GPLv2 with Classpath exception. Those installers should always be redistributed along with the source code.

Some versions of Bazel contain a bundled version of OpenJDK. The license of the bundled OpenJDK and other open-source components can be displayed by running the command bazel license. The vendor and version information of the bundled OpenJDK can be displayed by running the command bazel info java-runtime. The binaries and source-code of the bundled OpenJDK can be downloaded from our mirror server.

_Security_: All our binaries are signed with our public key 48457EE0.

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