Release 0.14.0rc2 (2018-05-17)

Baseline: 5c3f5c9be7fa40d4fb3c35756891fab8483ca406

Cherry picks: + f96f037f8f77335dc444844abcc31a372a3e1849: Windows, Java launcher: Support jar files under different drives + ff8162d01409db34893de98bd840a51c5f13e257: sh_configure.bzl: FreeBSD is also a known platform + 7092ed324137f03fcd34856bdb0595a1bdec3069: Remove unneeded exec_compatible_with from local_sh_toolchain + 57bc201346e61c62a921c1cbf32ad24f185c10c9: Do not autodetect C++ toolchain when BAZEL_DO_NOT_DETECT_CPP_TOOLCHAIN=1 is present

Incompatible changes:

New features:

Important changes:

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